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Casting Forward

Fishing Tales from the Texas Hill Country

Steve Ramirez,Ted Williams,Bob White

About this book

In Casting Forward, naturalist, educator, and writer Steve Ramirez takes the reader on a yearlong journey fly fishing all of the major rivers of the Texas Hill Country.

This is a story of the resilience of nature and the best of human nature. It is the story of a living, breathing place where the footprints of dinosaurs, conquistadors, and Comanches have mingled just beneath the clear spring-fed waters. This book is an impassioned plea for the survival of this landscape and its biodiversity, and for a new ethic in how we treat fish, nature, and each other.

About this author

Steve Ramirez is an award-winning outdoor and conservation author who lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country. Steve’s first book, Casting Forward - Fishing Tales from the Texas Hill Country, was featured in the film Mending the Line starring Brian Cox and Sinqua Walls. His second and third books, Casting Onward – Fishing Adventures in Search of America’s Native Gamefish and Casting Seaward- Fishing Adventures in Search of America’s Saltwater Gamefish have received critical acclaim as important works of outdoor adventure and conservation literature. Steve currently writes the Seasonable Angler column for Fly Fisherman Magazine and serves as the Ambassador for Texas for the American Museum of Fly-Fishing.