Curmudgeon's Book of Skillet Cooking

More Than 101 Easy Recipes For Jackleg Cooks, One-Armed Chefs, And Practical Housewives


Book Description

Frying and sautéing steaks, fish, and other foods in a skillet may seem to be a simple procedure, but there are enough variations and subtleties to make it interesting. It's a hands-on, special kind of cooking in which success often depends more on technique, skill, and tender-loving care than on a complicated recipe with a long list of ingredients. In The Curmudgeon's Book of Skillet Cooking, A. D. Livingston demonstrates that if you enjoy good eating and take pleasure in your cooking, a skillet may be the only pan you need. With chapters on:

* Skilletmanship * Beef and pork * Burgers * Poultry and fowl * Venison and game * Fish and shellfish * Exotic meats * Skillet vegetables * Skillet breads * Breakfasts * Skillet gravy

Featuring more than 101 delicious recipes—with complete, easy-to-follow cooking instructions for such treats as Sumac Trout, Cross Creek Crackling Bread, Versatile Venison Burgers, Steaks Cognac, and Sopchoppy Pancakes—The Curmudgeon's Book of Skillet Cooking is ideal for both indoor and outdoor chefs.

About Livingston, A. D.

A. D. Livingston writes a regular column for Gray's Sporting Journal and is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks, including Cast-Iron Cooking; Cold-Smoking and Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, and Game; The Curmudgeon's Book of Skillet Cooking; Jerky; Sausage; The Freshwater Fish Cookbook; The Whole Grain Cookbook; and On the Grill. He cooks, fishes, hunts, and writes.