Pro Tactics™: Catfish

Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch More and Bigger Catfish


Book Description

In the past 20 years, pursuit of catfish, particularly the larger flathead and blue species, has become a technical endeavor. Keith Sutton, one of the most experienced catfishers in America, shows how to locate, target, attract, and catch big, big catfish—and numerous color photos throughout prove this is within every angler's ability. He distills years of catfishing know-how, his own and that of his sources, into a fun and visually enjoyable instructional volume that offers plenty of ideas on how to improve or customize current tactics, and how to catch some seriously big fish. In addition, he offers instruction for the farm-pond and local-river angler looking to nab some bullheads and channel catfish for the grill.

About Sutton, Keith

Keith Sutton has fished for catfish in half the states in the U.S and written about it for Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Afield, In-Fisherman, North American Fisherman, Cabela's Outfitter Journal and other publications. He lives in Alexander, Arkansas