Lonesome for Bears

A Woman's Journey In The Tracks Of The Wilderness


Book Description

Linda Hunter was terrified of bears, but she yearned for the solitude of the wilderness. Setting aside her fears, she became an expert tracker and guide and grew to miss the company of the very animals that once kept her from her love of the outdoors. As caretakers and guides at Redoubt Bay Lodge, Hunter and her husband lived side by side with brown bears in Alaska, learning to understand their behavior and developing a passion for conserving their natural habitat. This is a moving story about personal transformation, with insights about bear behavior, luscious full-color photos, and informative and entertaining anecdotes. For fans of The Grizzly Maze and Grizzly Man, but also for any reader who cares about wild animals.

About Hunter, Linda Jo

Linda Hunter is the lead guide and assistant manager at Redoubt Bay Lodge in Alaska. She is a seasoned public speaker, the co-founder of the International Society of Professional Trackers, and an active member of Vital Ground. For over twenty years, she has written magazine articles about the outdoors for numerous publications. 
Amy Shapira is an award-winning bear photographer with over ten years experience of shooting her favorite (and only) subjects. She is an active member of Vital Ground and works tirelessly for the benefit of bears world wide.