Gun Owner's Handbook

A Complete Guide To Maintaining And Repairing Your Firearms--In The Field Or At Your Workbench


Book Description

A gun is only as good as its owner, and far too many are poorly maintained and serviced, even when taken to "professionals." For the serious hunter and gun owner, The Gun Owner's Handbook takes the mystery out of gun maintenance.

Topics covered include:

Your Work Area
Tool Storage
Screw Drivers
Bore Cleaning
Rust Prevention
Bore Clean Procedures
Action Cleaning, Lubrication, and Inspection
Exterior Maintenance
Caring for Wood Stocks
Caring for Synthetic Stocks
Scope Mounts
Open Sights
Sticky Actions
Sticking Cartridges
Poor Accuracy
Rough Trigger Pulls
Preparing for Trips
Field Repairs
Repair Kits

With advice on inspecting barrels, disassembling safeties, repairing pumps and semi-automatics, removing rust, caring for damaged stock, and much, much more, The Gun Owner's Handbook will find a place on every gun owner's shelf, and pay for itself almost immediately.

About Lyons, Larry

Larry Lyons has had a long-running gunsmithing column for Guns & Ammo magazine and a general firearms column for Michigan-Out-Of-Doors; he has also been published in Muzzle Blast, Muzzle Loader, Outdoor Life and several other magazines. He is a forest fire fighter, gunsmith, and freelance writer.