Hoagland on Nature



Book Description

Edward Hoagland is not only one of the best writers of our time; he is also one of the keenest observers of nature and one of the most celebrated essayists. His subjects range from the natural history of owls to the delicious mystery of wolves (“Howling Back at the Wolves”); the demise of the red wolf (“Lament the Red Wolves”); our relationship with dogs (“Dogs, and the Tug of Life”); the nature of a bear-stalker (“Bears, Bears, Bears”); and the intricate workings of an old farm’s ecosystem. Hoagland’s exploration, from the boreal forests of Maine to the brawny Belize River, illuminates both the exotic and the wilds of our own
backyards. Hoagland reports from the front lines of life. He recounts fascinating detail with exacting prose. He’s irascible, brilliant, probing, sharp-witted, and brutally honest about himself and the state of the natural world. No one who admires John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, John Burroughs, and Edward Abbey should miss this definitive collection. It will forever change the way you view the natural world.

About Hoagland, Edward

Edward Hoagland, one of America's most distinguished writers, is the author of seventeen books, including Walking the Dead Diamond River, The Courage of Turtles, Red Wolves and Black Bears, African Calliope, Tugman's Passage, Balancing Acts, and Tigers & Ice.