Fire-Making, Storytelling, and Ceremony

Secrets of the Forest


Book Description

In the second volume of the Secrets of the Forest series, Mark Warren addresses a wide range of what an outdoorsperson needs to know about fire such as:

  • how to create it from scratch using three different methods (hand drill, bow drill, and fire-saw).
  • which species of trees and dried winter weeds make good candidates for a fire kit.
  • where to find tinder that can combust.
  • how to construct a fail-proof pyre by mixing fast-burning fuel with dense hardwood.
  • how to sustain a fire for the long term, including how to safely store a smoldering fire that can survive for several days.

The second half of the book is dedicated to storytelling and ceremony. Its main purpose is how to design stories that augment whatever lessons a teacher has in mind. Such stories can familiarize students with the fine points of archery, canoeing, tracking, stalking, and other crafts or skills. Borrowing from Native American traditions, Warren introduces dozens of ways for young outdoorspeople to build self-esteem and a deep connection with the forest. This volume contains more than 100 original activities.

About Warren, Mark

Author Bio: Mark Warren has been teaching survival skills and nature classes for 45 years. In 1980, he was named Georgia’s Conservation Educator of the Year by the National Wildlife Federation. He is the author of the memoir Two Winters in a Tipi, published by Lyons Press in 2012 (net sales: 2,260). He lives with his wife in the mountains of north Georgia at his school, Medicine Bow.