The Greatest Heist Stories Ever Told



Book Description

Crime does pay. At least for a while.

You’ll see that quickly in these the ten compelling and true stories of brilliant plans, guile, and nerves of steel. The thieves awaiting you seem to have it all. They are clever, cool, and set at their goals with icy resolve. It takes a lot of guts and nerves of steel to do what they did and not fold under the pressure. After all, if those hard-wrought plans fail, they’ll have plenty of time to think about what went wrong in prison.

Break into the poshest hotel in New York City and roust guests and security guards for the jewels and cash hidden in front-office deposit boxes under the tightest security? Hijack an airplane, demand a ransom and two parachutes, then disappear? Invent a device that allows you to record the combination of any bank vault, then break into bank vaults twice? Steal from a secret mob depository run by a boss known for his brutality? Why not?

The Greatest Heists Stories Ever Told will allow readers to appreciate the efforts that go into a truly magnificent heist. It is a celebration of stunning, well-planned and audacious capers that left police and armies of investigators looking for answers and scratching their heads.

Maybe that’s what assures us that there will always be more heists. There is always that golden chance of getting away with it.

Among the stories included are:

  • The Lufthansa Heist
  • The Oddball Crew and the $17 Million Heist
  • The Last Good Heist
  • The Pierre Hotel Heist
  • Hijack! DB Cooper’s Great Escape

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Tom McCarthy is an award-winning editor and writer who lives in Guilford, Connecticut.