Elizabeth Taylor

Tribute to a Legend


Book Description

This book of quotes explores the many sides of the one-and-only Elizabeth Taylor. In her time, she was perceived as a celebrity, an actress, a siren, and a champion for causes. She became a popular and prominent female figure in the twentieth century, and her legacy continues to thrive today. In this book she is described in the words of others, from the stars of yesterday to the celebrities of today. Illustrated with over 80 rare photographs, this book will prove to be a fitting memento of a true film legend.

About Hadleigh, Boze

Boze Hadleigh is the author of two dozen books, including Marilyn Forever. The LosAngeles Times labeled him “a pop culture dynamo.” Elizabeth Taylor contributed the blurb “It’s all too true!” to his book Holy Matrimony! Hadleigh speaks five languages, has visited 63 countries, holds a master’s degree in journalism, and has won on Jeopardy! He lives in Beverly Hills, California, and Sydney, Australia.