Listen Out Loud

A Life in Music--Managing McCartney, Madonna, and Michael Jackson


Book Description

Even hardcore music fans don’t know the name Ron Weisner . . . but they should. A high-powered manager for over four decades, Ron worked alongside Madonna, Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, Gladys Knight, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, and, most notably, Michael Jackson. He saw the King of Pop through his game-changing multi-platinum albums Thriller and Off the Wall. He watched M.J.'s prickly father Joe run roughshod over both his son and industry execs. He fought back as the industry tried to steer Jackson in a musical direction that would have derailed his career. And he saw Michael suffer through devastating press coverage that turned the troubled singer's world upside down.
 Featuring an introduction from Quincy Jones and commentary from Winwood, Knight, and some behind-the-scenes record label power brokers, Weisner's illuminating memoir Listen Out Loud underscores the destructive changes to the industry during his forty-year career, including the shift in focus from artistic integrity to the pursuit of cold hard numbers. It's an intimate glimpse into the music world from a man with a keen eye, sharp ears, and a big heart.

About Weisner, Ron

Ron Weisner began his career as a music manager in the 60s. Working at Buddah Records at a pivotal time, Weisner got to work with some of the most influential artists of the period, including Gladys Knight, Bill Withers, and Curtis Mayfield. He also managed Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Madonna and a myriad of other superstar musicians. He has also spent decades producing television shows and special events. He produced fundraisers for the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign.

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