Fishing Texas


Book Description

Texas is a big place and it’s filled with a whole lot of spots to wet a line. But you’ve got to know where to go. In Fishing Texas, Barry St.Clair provides an insider’s guide to the best places to fish throughout the state—with all the directions and particulars and background that give each place its own unique
character and reputation—to give you a leg up.
Many fishing sites in Texas are similar in nature and vary based on their particular kinds of fish and climate zones. This guide is based on the author’s in-depth and wide ranging fishing experience in Texas as well as from interviews with friends, guides who fish their lakes nearly every day, and fisheries biologists from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Combining all this experience and expertise creates one indispensible reference for fishing Texas.
Look inside to find:
A listing of the game fish at each location
Tips on lures, flies, bait, tackler, and techniques for each location
Directions and information on camping facilities
Words to the wise on weather and dangeros critters
Maps and photos

About St. Clair, Dr. Barry

Barry St.Clair has been a farmer, rancher, fisheries technician, columnist for Texas Fish and Game magazine, and outdoor columnist for the Athens Daily Review, Corsicana Daily Sun, and Palestine Herald Press. In 1992 at Lake Fork he caught the Texas State record largemouth bass, that weighed in at 18.18 pounds, a record that still stands.