Mightier Hudson

The Spirited Revival of a Treasured Landscape


Book Description

Against the odds, the Hudson Valley has cleaned up its act and rediscovered its soul. In this well researched and passionate treatise on the much celebrated but long abused Hudson River, author Roger Stone describes how protecting New York City’s drinking water supply, making innovative
efforts to safeguard views and open space, and reconnecting communities with long abandoned stretches of priceless shoreline have combined to bring about a new age of spirited restoration in a region that long seemed condemned to cultural and environmental mediocrity. 
Stone links disparate historical, cultural, political, and environmental threads to clearly show the multiple forces that have made this turnaround happen, a vivid example of new ideas and values for a nation struggling to counter devastating economic and environmental effects of misusing the landscape. The extraordinary revival of the majestic Hudson River estuary and its surrounding areas, even in communities where hope was long in short supply, shows remarkable results when it’s done right.

About Stone, Roger

Roger D. Stone, environmentalist, journalist, author, and nonprofit executive, has had an eventful career, focusing ever more sharply in recent years on linkages between economics and the environment.  Stone began his career at Time Magazine where he undertook varied assignments including service as correspondent and news bureau chief in San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris, and as assistant to the president of Time Incorporated. 
His first book, Dreams of Amazonia (Viking/Penguin 1985) was called “First rate” and “masterful.”  More recently, as a WWF vice president and since 1994 as founder and president of the nonprofit Sustainable Development Institute, he has produced four other well received books on environmental-economic connections with an emphasis on tropical forests and seacoasts.  Among them: The Voyage of the Sanderling  (Knopf 1990), The Nature of Development (Knopf 1992), and Tropical Forests and the Human Spirit (University of California Press 2001).
A resident of Washington, DC, Stone also publishes the nonprofit newsletter Atlantic CoastWatch.
He is a member of the External Advisory Board for Yale’s multi-disciplinary Institute for Biospheric Studies, and serves on numerous other boards and committees.