Stephane Reynaud's Barbecue & Grill



Book Description

The latest cookbook from French chef Stéphane Reynaud tackles the barbecue and who better to fire up the grill than the man who is an expert on meat and the author of bestsellers Pork & Sons, Ripailles, and Rôtis. Here he presents barbecuing as an art. Beautiful full-color photographs of skewered salmon, glowing tomatoes, and crispy chicken accompany a wide variety of recipes from dinner feasts to breakfasts, and make this gorgeous cookbook all the more essential. It features more than 150 recipes divided into chapters on seafood, meat, side dishes, sauces and marinades, and more, whether on skewers, as yakitori, or straight on the grill. These delicious and original recipes are easy to make, amusing to read -- thanks to Reynaud's trademark wit -- and highly illustrated with whimsical illustrations and striking photography. 



About Reynaud, Stephane

STEPHANE REYNAUD is the chef and owner of the restaurant Villa 9 Trois in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. His restaurant specializes in pork, and Reynaud comes from a family of pig farmers and butchers. His cookbooks have been translated into several languages and received widespread praise; his 2007 PORK & SONS won the Grand Prix de la Gastronomie Francaise. Originally from the Ardeche plateau in France, he now lives in Paris with his wife and three children.

Jose Reis de Matos is an old friend of Stephane Reynaud and was responsible for the over 100 hand-drawn pig illustrations in Pork & Sons.

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